Project Description

Simple Me

Artwork on paper, cardboard, canvas

The artwork of „Simple Me“ by ROKA is a profound and introspective contemplation on the human condition and the nature of existence. The minimalistic characters, with their ladder-like shape, suggest the idea of the human journey, the climb towards self-discovery and self-actualization, but also the idea of the connection between the human form and the search for transcendence, the connection between the human form and the spiritual realm.

The use of simple and recognizable shapes is symbolic of the basic human form, but also of the basic nature of the spiritual realm, the representation of the essential and universal nature of humanity and spirituality. The placement of eyes in the upper part of the figures suggests the idea of perspective, self-awareness, and the ability to see and understand the world, but also the idea of the ability to see beyond the physical realm and to reach for the spiritual realm.

The medium of the art, whether it’s painted on canvas, cardboard or created out of drilled wood, adds another layer of meaning to the artwork. The use of different materials represents the idea that the human form and the search for transcendence can take different shapes and forms, and they all are valid, and that the physical and spiritual realm are interconnected.

The artwork invites the viewer to look beyond the surface and contemplate the deeper meaning of the piece, it encourages self-reflection.

Name Time: Simple Me
Year: 2019 – 2023
Material: Paper, cardboard, canvas
Size: different sizes