Artwork on canvas

The artwork of ROKA, in the style of Nosta, presents a commentary on the human condition and the masks we wear to hide our true selves. The use of flat colors and black outlines evokes a sense of nostalgia, perhaps alluding to a simpler time in the past. The „masks“ covering the faces of the figures in the artwork could be interpreted as a metaphor for the societal expectations and pressures that we all must navigate. The aggressive expression and disproportionate size of the masks/faces could symbolize the overwhelming and oppressive nature of these societal norms. The pink background with white teeth may serve to contrast and highlight the harshness of the masks, suggesting a dichotomy between the sweetness of societal expectations and the harshness of reality. Overall, the artwork of ROKA in the style of Nosta appears to be a thought-provoking exploration of the human experience.

Name Time: Nosta
Year: 2018
Material: Canvas
Size: Different sizes