Mr Fame

Artwork on photopaper

The artwork of ROKA, in the style of Mr Fame, presents a commentary on the intersection of politics, celebrity culture, and the concept of power. The use of black templates for figures depicting politicians like Trump or Putin and apes, could be interpreted as a commentary on the power dynamics in society and the way in which those in power often dehumanize and objectify others. The apes in the artwork may serve as a metaphor for marginalized groups and their experience of being dehumanized by those in power. The colorful background with comic book parts and street art styles serves as a commentary on the superficiality and fleeting nature of power and fame. The use of black in the templates contrasts with the colorful „pop art“ icons, particularly those from superhero comics, to highlight the contrast between the expectations and the reality of fame. The combination of political figures, apes and superhero iconography, suggest a commentary on the relationship between power, fame, and the role of the hero in society, and the manipulation of the masses. The artworks overall appear to be a thought-provoking exploration of the nature of fame and power, and the way in which they are used to manipulate and control the masses, and how that relates to the dehumanization of marginalized groups.

Name Time: Mr Fame
Year: 2019
Material: Print on photopaper
Size: Different Sizes