Crypto NFT Kings

Crypto King the talisman for your happiness.

The artwork „Crypto King“ serves as a powerful talisman for those who possess it, reminding them of their own power and agency in their own lives. The imagery of a crowned king, simple shapes and bright colors, evokes feelings of happiness, freedom, and self-assurance. This NFT serves as a symbol of luck and happiness, a reminder to the viewer that they are the king in their own world and they have the power to shape their own reality.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, „Crypto King“ also carries a deeper meaning that speaks to the idea of a „Happy Family“ and the sense of belonging and connection it brings. The concept of a „Happy Family“ represents a community of individuals who support and uplift one another, fostering feelings of belonging and purpose. By owning a piece of „Crypto King“, one becomes a part of this community and receives the support and encouragement that comes with it.

This artwork encourages the viewer to embrace their own power, to take control of their own happiness and to be part of a community where they can find support. The artwork serve as a constant reminder to the viewer to stay true to themselves and their own beliefs, and to be unafraid to claim their place as

Be part of the Happy Family

A handcrafted collection of 10.000 characters developed by the artist ROKA.
Crypto NFT Kings will rule the world.

Name: Crypto NFT Kings
Items: 10.000
Year: 2022
Material: Digital Art | NFT
Size: 1000×1000